Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: La Cena Está Servida

Media: Steel, copper, brass, silver, metal, jewelry

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: kgrmetalcraft

Instagram: @kgrmetalkraft

About the Artist
Krystal Ramirez is currently attending CSULB as a senior, in her last semester here, and will be graduating in a few weeks! Before going to CSULB, she went to Orange Coast College, and she originally came from Huntington Beach (my city)! She is currently majoring in 3D Media and is earning her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Her fascination with metal work began at a very young age until she attended an an art high school which she then, in her last year, took a jewelry class.

Formal/Content Analysis

Ramirez’s exhibition “La Cena Está Servida” means Dinner Is Served (On the table) and features a bunch of different hand made tools and utensils that you wouln’t really expect to find at a dinner table, but there also were a couple familiar tools. The exhibit showed a long wooden dinner table with identical wooden plates on top, perfectly spaced apart. However, atop the identical plates were these unfamiliar tools and utensils, and each plate had their own pieces. There was no order of pieces, it just looked random but very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Every one of these pieces that Ramirez created for this gallery represent the relationships she has formed around the dinner table with her family, but some can also serve as eating utensils also. Ramirez also stated that whenever she was at this dinner table with her family, it represented her house or home. Each piece supposedly has its own meaning and purpose, and they were formed to look like the tools we actually used to eat, but also to look like art pieces also. This exhibition took three years for Krystal to make and I can really see the meaning behind it.

My Experience

At a first glance, it looks like just a table with some art on it. Upon further inspection, one will see a dinner table and silverware and utensils atop the table, and one is reminded of dinner and family at home. Once I talked to Krystal, I start to felt even more emotional and connected to her artwork. All in all, this was a great simple and meaningful exhibit. img_2428.jpg




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