Wk 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography

IMG_6071.PNGFor this weeks art experience, we had to live without electricity for a while! What a tough, cruel project this is. Who would put us students in such a thing. Jk! Before doing this art experience I’d have to admit I was pretty scared, because I did not know what to do without my phone, computer, and television. I also thought how this could be beneficial to me because of how dependent I am to my phone. I started off just spending time with my dogs and taking them to the beach and walking them with my sister. After that I showered for them, dried them up, and cleaned my room. I also was in mid process redoing my whole room, so all my furniture and electronics in my bedroom were plugged waiting to be put in their new spot, so that helped my stay away from my computer and TV. After that, I just found myself playing with my dogs in bed most of the time. I ate, showered, and did most of my work and errands. I’d have to say this helped me to be productive a lot and bond me closer with my dogs, who I love dearly. Was it hard to resist the notifications coming from my iPhone? Sure, but I quickly got over it when I went back to doing whatever I was doing.


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