Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

IMG_5426This weeks assignment is painting on a canvas with our fingers, also called finger painting. We haven’t had an art project lately, mostly just artist convos. I missed having these art experiences, it’s fun to get down and dirty and to do the work!

For inspiration, I used some of the artwork and pictures up in my living room that my mom put up. My mom really loves orange, and we have a blueish theme going on in my house, so there’s mostly orange and blue paintings and pictures on the wall in my living room. I wanted this painting to be for my mom so I just drew flowers with my finger. I just drew, with no agenda really, and I ended up making a very contrasty image. All in all I love projects like these and definitely think we should do more of these in the future where the student can draw or express themselves freely with no rules.


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