Wk 5 – Artist Conversation- Yeri Huang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Wood, Acrylic, Electronics, Battery, Latex, Plaster, Dry Wall

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: Yeriyeti

About the Artist 

Yeri Huang is in her fourth year at Cal State Long Beach, and is planning to graduate this year with a bachelors in Studio Art. Hwang felt limited by animation so she decided to switch to Studio Art as her major so she can be able to experiment more freely. She stated that she loved to do electronic art, as many of us saw in her exhibit with the smoke machine and the lit up sword.

Most of her art pieces were interactive with buttons and sensors. I think for that reason many people chose to interview her and her booth was easily one of the most popular! When first walking into the art gallery, I noticed there were many pieces concerning identity. I took a picture of a piece I thought was really interesting down below. There is a button that when pressed pulls the two figures together creating “human life.” It was one of the most interesting pieces, it was smart of her to put it at the entrance!

Overall, my experience was very pleasant and I always found myself going back into her exhibit to play around with her artwork some more. It’s also very surprising to know that she is almost the same age as me! I’m 19, so I consider her to be very young to be coming up with such creative art pieces. My favorite piece was the house behind the window with the smoke machine. I’ve never seen anything like it before and it gave off a really mysterious vibe to her exhibit that I really liked.



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