Wk 4 – ACP for a Close Buddy

IMG_4842.JPGThis week, I created an ACP, or Art Care Package, for a close and long time friend of mine, Tony. Tony and I love cars, for we’ve been to almost every high-end car show in Orange County last year. From those shows and events, we’ve met many great people, ridden and drove incredible cars, and made irreplaceable memories thanks to our passion for automobiles.

Making this car package wasn’t the easiest thing, but it was fun. I had to make everything car related so I searched my house thoroughly for anything I could use. The first gift I could use that came to my mind was the rolling shot I took of Tony and his father in their bright, “Rosso Mars” red Lamborghini Aventador. It was one of my best and favorite shots I’ve ever took during the amateur stage of my photography hobby. I take many shots for their cars and I send it to him digitally, but this the first time he’ll actually see an actual physical photo of his car. I feel like this is what differs an ACP from Snapchat or something similar to snapchat. A physical photo is something you can hold and frame up on your wall, while an online photo gets lost in the camera roll or gallery on your Smartphone.

I personally think ephemeras are cool, but they might take up time and space during the amount of time they aren’t useful. They can become good memorabilia or time pieces once a long time passes by! If I had a LOT of leftover space in a basement or attic I would definitely keep small things like a concert ticket or video game for my kids or grandkids to see. I think those small items make for the best stories. But during this time, housing and land is very valuable and expensive so it’s difficult and rare to have leftover space in your home!

I think the difference between something like my ACP and art in an Museum is small. Both took creativity and time to think of. Obviously the museum art is more well thought out, but the message in my ACP is as meaningful as an art piece in a museum. The only real difference is monetary value, in my case mine is priceless.

In terms of speed and how fast your friend will receive it, I feel something like an ACP will definitely be worth the shipping time. A snapchat might be instant, but there’s usually little to no meaning compared to an ACP. The time making the ACP and shipping is the difference and it definitely shows in the message!






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